Specializing in the development of HTML5, CSS3 web sites using a variety of techniques and technologies, resulting in a valid, functional web site.

Thank you for visiting MeAgainstYou. We're a development company based in Phoenix, Arizona, building web and desktop applications for over a decade.

I should probably clarify: we only have one employee, me, so I should probably stop sounding so schizophrenic and just introduce myself. Hi, I'm Garrett Murphy, nice to meet you.

Like I said before, I've been working this gig for a long time (I actually had my first website in the early nineties...yes, I'm old, get off my lawn), and during that time I've done a little bit of everything, building web sites for Christian rock bands, aquarium shops, lawyers, and a whole mess of other industries. So, I've seen a little bit of everything, and I've witnessed first-hand the growth of the web and the changes in technology. And yet, I've managed to keep up with the times, remaining in the mix of all the new technologies.

If you're here, you're either a) looking for some tips on coding a project, b) looking to hire me for a project, or c) you just stumbled onto this site and you're wondering how. No problem, feel free to pull up a chair and browse around. You might find a thing or two to interest you!

And, again, thank you for stopping by.